Starting A Fresh New Year

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We are well into the new year now and as we look around our homes we wonder what we can do to recover from the holidays and freshen up our environment.


If you haven’t finished the chore of picking up and storing your holiday decorations…what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it, because you really can’t get anything else done until everything is put away. Tidying up will be the first order of the day.


Cleaning a room or two might be accomplished in a few hours with a little help from other family members. But, if you look around and feel the entire house needs a good scrubbing down, then perhaps it would be better to call in a professional cleaning service. They can get it done in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do it.


Floors really take a beating all year long, but if you had a lot of traffic through your home during the past holiday season and ongoing through the bad winter we have been experiencing, then it is probably high time for a professional floor, carpet and tile cleaning.


While you were putting away all those holiday decorations, did you find it hard to shove just one more box into the closet or attic? It’s probably time to look at the clutter in your storage areas. Getting more storage space may be as easy as cleaning out your closets or as complex as building in more space.


Can you re-configure an existing closet to accommodate and organize what you have or can you build storage space into other areas of the house…like the attic? Maybe taking some space from an over-sized room might be a great solution.


Hiring a hand-man to rough-in new storage space is a great way to resolve storage dilemmas. When you hire a handy-man for that project you might want to look around the house and see what else needs to be done. Hiring the handy-man for a number of projects is an economical way to wrap up all those projects you have been procrastinating about for quite some time.


SMOOTH TRANSITIONS would be happy to consult with you on the best way to get your house de-cluttered and organized. We can also get your home office or business back into working order for you.





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