Dream Your Dream Home

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HGTV Magazine recently polled its readership on the most desirable features of a dream home. The poll was based on a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2300 square foot home, considered a median range home in the US.

Readers were asked to choose the top 5 dream home features. Can you guess what they were?

In order of most desirable down to “whatever,” the list looked like this:
*An open floor plan
*En-suite bathroom
*Hardwood floors
*Walk-in closets
*Attached two-car garage

Just coincidentally, when I built my dream home 4 years ago, I was able to incorporate 4 of these 5.

Low on the list were:
*Eat-in kitchens
*Home offices
*Outdoor amenities like backyard decks and patios
*Proximity to parks and playgrounds

The low priority for eat-in kitchens surprised me because it is so accommodating in an open floor plan. And a home office seems like a must-have to organize a busy family with 2 working parents.

HGTV Magazine polled readers from all over the US. We, in Southeast Louisiana love our outdoors and we tend to look for building sites that accommodate the range of outdoor activities that parks and recreational playgrounds afford. So, that low priority was another big surprise.

Not a big surprise… that hardwood flooring is so popular now. With our long growing season in the south, allergies are a big consideration and hardwood floors beat carpeting hands down in any allergy sufferers house. There’s not a stitch of carpeting in my all-hardwood-floor house and it has cut down on my visits to the allergist from twice a year to only once in the last 4 years!

How does your dream home compare to this poll?

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