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As we age and our children go off to make their own way in their own homes, the hardest part of adjusting to our new lives often involves downsizing to smaller quarters.

Moving into a smaller space involves a lot of arranging and rearranging furniture, discarding larger pieces for smaller items and sometimes even knocking down walls to create space and removing doors to open up rooms.

Our lives begin to mimic our living spaces and we begin to pare down our lifestyles and devote more time to the things that we really enjoy, creating space and time for those things that mean the most to us.

In our homes we can use designer tricks to make small spaces look bigger when lighter paint and monochromatic colors only go so far. Using one kind of flooring throughout, like hardwood floors, tricks the eye into seeing a large expanse by drawing the eye from room to room.

The clutter that we tolerated in bigger spaces becomes a real problem in smaller homes and we have to stay on top of organizing and de-cluttering in order to keep our possessions from closing in on us. If a piece of furniture doesn’t add beauty or function, then it needs to go. And covering the walls with too many pictures and art work only closes in the space even more.

To open up a room, we can use furniture with taller legs to bring the pieces up off the floor. These pieces trick the eye into seeing more space. Glass-topped tables will create the same illusion. Lighting can also distract from small spaces when it is recessed or takes up little space. Re-think those larger hanging fixtures.

In a smaller home, play up the elements that add charm…like brick walls or beautiful fireplace mantels and pretty French doors.

Moving to a smaller space doesn’t have to be confining. From smart sorting and discarding of over-sized furniture to de-cluttering and organizing tricks, a smaller home can free up time and energy for better things in your life. Small spaces can be very comforting and welcoming when they are free of clutter and well-organized.

Downsizing can take its toll on a family emotionally and physically. Senior Move Managers are professionals who can take the stress out of downsizing and make the transition to a smaller home environment a much quicker and easier process.

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