Professional Louisiana Movers Baton Rouge and New Orleans

People are movers. They move up the corporate ladder. They move money. They move to be closer to the ones they love. But in today’s world, “moving” only allows you to keep up.

Home or office, local or long distance, Smooth Transitions® brings more than our movers can pack up with boxes and crates: full-scale planning, packing and moving – not to mention setting up your new place so it’s live-in and work-in ready.

It’s moving at the speed of life.

We are ready to serve you in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and throughout the Gulf Coast region.

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Control every phase of your move from start to finish with a free in-home consultation (within a 30-mile radius).


Let us take the heavy lifting off your plate (we’ll pack those, too). Complete setup and guaranteed delivery date.


We’ll clean out and finalize everything at your old place, so that when you’re done, you’re done.

Our staff is
For your safety and ours

"Mom's favorite green chair and pictures were set up when we arrived. It meant the world to her. Thank you so much!"

- Mrs. Donna's Daugther more